Fun and entertainment will be spread throughout the fairgrounds. Do not stop looking for different leisure options, surprises await you, surprising exhibitions and many gifts for you and your friends.

FIFA Tournament

Attention Players! Expocáñamo summons you to the area of activities to challenge a virtual football tournament. Choose your favorite team and face one to one your opponents, proves that you are the best and comes to the grand final. The winner of the tournament will receive a lot of products from the fair as a prize. Don’t be late to sign up, the squares are limited.


Since we are already having an age, we love everything retro. And especially the arcades awaken in us a feeling of nostalgia. In this area you will find the machines of a lifetime and have a fun time with friends or family. Car racing, dancing, fighting, fun is guaranteed, are you going to miss it?

Inflated glass

In the outdoor area we can enjoy the spectacular art of glass blowing. Heliox Glass will be the company responsible for making this demonstration, where we appreciate the hard work that involves shaping a piece of glass. As the artisan himself says: “Thanks to many hours of work, learning and constant experimentation, I have been able to develop the necessary technique for this art”. Do not disadvantage the opportunity and approach your space of creation.


The bioconstruction will again have presence in the event of the hand of the association Taph-Taph, which tries to foment the social interest by the self-managed construction and the patrimony. Perform a performance within the industrial area of the enclosure, where we will find them using hemp and other materials as raw material of a small construction.

Expocáñamo es diversión

Expocáñamo es diversión! Es muy importante para nosotros el disfrute de todos los asistentes. Para la 4ª edición tenemos grandes novedades!! #ready4sevilla #ready4semilla

Geplaatst door Expocáñamo op dinsdag 10 oktober 2017