Advanced Nutrients was founded in 1999 by Michael Straumietis “BigMike”, being until now the first and only manufacturer of specific nutrients for the cultivation of cannabis.

From the beginning, Advanced Nutrients has made a great effort to make available to our sector the great scientific and research work behind its products, in order to improve the crops of its clients, in both quantity and quality.

Advanced Nutrients fertilizers and additives provide the plant with the necessary macro and micro nutrients at each stage of the life cycle of Cannabis cultivation, with the most advanced formulation and the best raw materials for the plant to assimilate completely all The components without accumulating them.

But Advanced Nutrients is much more than the best nutrient manufacturer on the market, its company is involved in supporting the legalization, worldwide, cannabis cultivation for medicinal use and autoculture, while expressing its responsibility Corporate with social works with projects such as Holiday heroes, which helps people and families in need in the United States and Eastern European countries.