Enjoy the most of the musical experience and go out to the outer triangle, entertained during the day with the best rhythms of the dj's of Seville, the most authentic reggae sounds with the best artists and the most provocative and renowned rap of the community, all this accompanied by the Dubstoned Sound System sound system.


Viernes 11 de mayo: A partir de las 22 horas.

Irie Nanara was born in Gijón, Asturias. In 2014 she began his first improvisations at parties with friends and, after some time, she wrote his first lyric in which she spoke about the consumption of blood diamonds and their origin. Everything changed for her when she began to identify herself as a soundsystem singer in deejay and singjay style. She started working with producers from different countries such as Spain, Mexico, England, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan …; taking her personal style and vacilón throughout all regions of Spain. Thanks to the hard work, he has managed to publish his first vinyl with a Mexican label. Nanara is one of the seven founding partners of the Allanai Cultural Association (Asturias). Since its foundation, they have had the objective of expanding and educating about this culture and, recently, they have achieved their main goal: the creation of the first Asturian soundsystem. For Irie Nanara, there is no ambition in the musical field, her goal is to work day by day, learn and advance.


con las colaboraciones de TOTE KING y MORODO

Domingo 13 de mayo: A partir de las 18 horas

Ignacio González Rodríguez is a Sevillian MC better known as Shotta, brother of ToteKing with whom I have produced more than one work. In fact, even his artistic name comes from the nickname his brother “Chota or Cabezón” gave him. Shotta has been active since around 2002 and has 5 recordings on the market. His album “Flowesia”, contains the best facets of the Sevillian: his overwhelming strength, his irony and his great lyric ability. The thread of the work arises from the equation of Flow + Poetry, essential pillars for Shotta and that after 17 tracks, you realize that they are the soul of your work. Shotta’s latest album, “For my people” has 18 tracks full of high level collaborations like Morodo, Tote King, Mad Division, Natos and Waor, Juancho Marques and Juanito Makandé among others. It also happens with the productions, among which Baghira, Dj Rune, Sanchez Action, Magic Beats and Cookin’Soul stand out.


Sábado 12 de mayo: A partir de las 20 horas

Expocáñamo bets on reggae as an important part of its musical offer. Therefore, this year we wanted to offer a unique and unrepeatable show called Seville Reggae History and will review the history of Reggae in Seville from its beginnings to the present. Produced by Jozabed Parreño and Curro Barroso, musicians, producers and founding members of Dubstoned Soundsystem. Sevilla Reggae History will present on stage artists and selectors belonging to the most important groups and sounds of the Reggae Sevillana scene, where the main theme of the show will be the presenter Mario García (Legalize Sound, Cool Up Records) and will have the participation of some components of groups like: The Reggae, Rockers Roots, Kaya, Green & Brown, 2BrotherSound, The Bazaar Orchestra, Burian Fyah, The Warrior Kiniman, I & I Reggae Band and Dubwise Situation among others. 4 hours where you can listen to the whole story of a scene that is currently enjoying an enviable health in the city and that has been an important part of the musical culture of the Andalusian capital. A tribute to Reggae from a unique point of view, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Sevilla Reggae History will take place on Saturday May 12 at 8:00 pm on the main stage of Expocáñamo.