Patricia Amiguet Adell

Barcelona activist and anti prohibitionist, began in the cannabis movement in 2011 founding Associació Cannàbica D’Autoconsum Pachamama, president of the Federation of Cannabis Associations of Catalonia (CatFAC) participates in his project giving voice to the Users of cannabis, associations in Catalonia and the rest of the Spanish state through the FAC. He has participated in several processes regulating CSC’s in Catalonia at all levels as a technique. She is one of the founders of the state network of Women Anti-prohibitionist (REMA), where she exercises secretarial functions among others.

Fernanda de la Figuera

His first flirting with cannabis was in the summer of 1966. He began to cultivate on the terrace of his house in Madrid in 1973 starting from some seeds of Moroccan kifi. He moved to live in the province of Malaga with the intent to become the first legal cultivator of marijuana, which he obtained according to the acquittal of 1996. Associated with the ARSEC of Barcelona in 1994, he founded the ARSECA in the summer of 1996. He made the first feast of the Harvest “La Bella Flor”; In November 1998. He continues to cultivate and research cannabinoids and began to prepare his tinctures before the year 2000 and are now commonly used. He founded the Marías por Maria Association (MxM) at the beginning of the year 2010. International Prize of Culture of Cannabis of the Museum of the Hash and the marijuana of Amsterdam and Barcelona. Former president of the PAUC (Cannabis Association and users platform).

Alicia Murillo

Alicia Murillo Ruiz was born in Seville in 1975. Performances of political activism, audiovisual techniques, puppets, dance, text, cabaret, circus and opera are some of the components of their work. It is also the author of the feminist project against the street harassment the hunter hunted. Collaborates monthly as video-columnist for Pikara Magazine.

Luis Miguel Torres Morera

Titular Professor of Anesthesia at the University of Cadiz. Head of Anesthesia Service-resuscitation and pain treatment. Director of the UGC anesthesia-resuscitation. Health Sciences delegate for Puerta del Mar Hospital. President of the Andalusian Association of Pain. Director of the Journal of the Spanish Society of Pain. Assistant Director of the Chair of Pain Fundación Grunenthal-Universidad de Cádiz.

Antonio Cabello y Rafael Alsina

Antonio Cabello and Rafael Alsina, professor and student in the 80s, are collaborators of the CANNABISUR company. All a long life dedicated to natural medicine and alternative therapies, focusing his specialization in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Professor in different Study Centers and Academies, currently with 3 Consultations in Lisbon and Arcos de La Frontera in Cádiz. Professor at ESTETICA MAIS SCHOOL in Portugal with a revolutionary anti-aging method based on Hemp and other Medicinal Plants.

Bernardo Soriano Guzmán

Criminal lawyer in exercise, specializing in cannabis, graduated in law from the Complutense University of Madrid with a master in criminal law and criminal litigation of the Bar Association of Madrid. Collaborates with the main entities involved in the regulation of cannabis both recreational and medicinal: responsible regulation and the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal cannabis. Bernardo holds the spokespersons of responsible regulation, the organization with which it is most involved, through which is executing the strategy of political advocacy of the platform with the objective of opening a parliamentary presentation that crystallize in a Integral law of cannabis based on the proposed regulation of “the Five pillars of cannabis”. It also coordinates its legal commission, from where it has projected the strategy of incidents of nullity and remedies of amparo to the Constitutional Court against the sentences convictions against the social clubs of Cannabis.

Mae de la Concha García-Mauriño

María Asunción Jacoba Pía de la Concha García-Mauriño (Gijón, July 25, 1954), better known as Mae de la Concha, is an entrepreneur and Minorcan businesswoman of Asturian origin, deputy for the Balearic Islands in the Congress in the XI and XII legislatures. Since October 2017 it is also the General Secretary of Podemos Islas Baleares. Attached to the Committee on Industry, Energy and Tourism; to the Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Environment; spokesperson for the Health and Social Services Commission; member of the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee of the Toledo Pact Agreements and member of the Committee on the Rights of Children and Adolescents.

Germán Cantabrana González

Spokesman for the Parliamentary Group Podemos La Rioja. Member of the Permanent Deputation. Member of the Economic Development and Innovation Commission. Member of the Institutional Commission, Statutory Development and Public Administration Regime. Vice President of the Parking Research Commission of the San Pedro Hospital of Logroño. Vice-president of the Commission of investigation that clarifies what was the real economic situation of Caja Rioja at the time of its integration in Bankia. Member of the Research Commission with the objective of clarifying the economic management of the Ministry of the Presidency from 2003 to 2015.

Raquel Galiano

Law degree from the University Rey Juan Carlos and lawyer practicing in the bar Association of Madrid, with a master’s degree in legal practice at the Center for Studies and Legal Research in Madrid (C.E.I. J).
Specializing in advice and consultancy cannabis, is the legal coordinator of THC Abogados, cannabis Industry Department of Grupo Jurídico. In addition, it collaborates responding to the legal offices of several grow shops, as well as in the drafting of articles of legal interest for them.

Estefanía Almenar Sánchez

Degree in Chemistry from the University of Valencia. He holds an Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Experimental and Industrial Organic Chemistry from 5 Spanish Universities. He holds the title of Expert Auditor in HACCP-APPCC and a 110-hour Food Safety course by the University of Antonio Nebrija. He currently combines his work as responsible for quality and production in Reakiro Iberica S.L. with his PhD in Supramolecular Organic Chemistry.