After the success of the previous edition, Expocañamo will once again install a comfortable area for vaporizer users, as well as information for new users.
Those interested in knowing the benefits of vaporization against combustion, will be able to talk with experienced consumers and attend talks about the novelties of the sector and the reduction of risks.
In this edition we will have Da Vinci Vaporizer as sponsor of our vaporization tent. So you can try and inform yourself about this prestigious brand of vaporizers and the operation of all its models among which is the revolutionary IQ model.
To test the vaporizers, different aromatic herbs will be available to visitors.


MiniVAP is pleased to attend a new edition of Expo Cañamo!

We will present in a practical and didactic way the next 13/05/2018 a talk-workshop on the different ways vaporization with MiniVAP in the CARPA TALLER.
The explanations are carried out by Jorge Fernández, engineer and creator of the MiniVAP Vaporizer, which has been researching the benefits of plant therapeutic substances for safe, effective and simple use for more than 10 years.
We will review the different types of heating depending on the effect and substance to be vaporized, in order to achieve the best performance and the best user experience. We will experiment in different temperatures and explain the importance of water for an optimal experience.
You can also try our MiniVAP vaporizers in THE STEAMING TANK.
For more information, do not hesitate to visit our website


Kalumet the art of pipes specializes in the sale of articles for the smoker. Our international sales network offers, among other products, electronic pipes, atomizers, vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. Kalumet invests in R + D + I in order to offer products adapted to the needs of the market and its consumers, using only components of the highest quality in its preparation. Kalumet, is always one step ahead of the market to put at your disposal the best and most innovative products.


Vaponic is a portable and reliable vaporizer with a marker-type case for transport. Won multiple awards. Its efficiency and easy handling will surprise you. It is manufactured in Granada under the strictest quality controls. It works with flame, completely independent of any battery or fragile digital component. There is no direct contact between the flame and the air it breathes. Its patented convection and convection system allows to inhale cooled, strong and tasty steam. The laboratory materials guarantee its purity.