Expocáñamo continues to bet on ways of instructing the attending public through the teaching of workshops carried out by professionals within their field. The different workshops that will be developed in this new edition of the fair will host a wide variety of chores, instructing on fashion, vaporization, responsible regulation, sex, ...

Steam with CBD – recommendations and advantages
Taught by: Rubén (Vaperloco)

Ruben is a 39-year-old boy who suffers from cancer (high-grade Mixofibrosarcoma in the right tibia) since 2009, chronic cancer pain and thoracic sarcoidosis for almost 2 years. It has been vapeando for almost 3 years and eliminated from his life one of the greatest scourges of society, tobacco. For his ailments, before consuming marijuana to alleviate something pain and not abusing so much medication (opiates, morphic, etc), but now consumes CBD Vapeando, which does not contain THC and is by evaporation, not combustion. On its Youtube channel (Https:// it makes reviews of VAPEO products and also recommends the use of the CBD for the many benefits it has.

Reduction of risks in the use of CANNABIS by vaporization
Taught by: Paco Mascaraque (CEO

Consumer, grower and activist, Paco works to encourage policies that lead to clear legislation and promote actions aimed at reducing the risks associated with cannabis consumption. He has written, compiled and edited various risk reduction texts, and will carry out the workshop focusing on the use of different vaporizers. He is also ultimately responsible for all content that may appear on

Hemp UPCYCLING Workshop
Taught by: Marina López (President of AMSE)

While the traditional recycling consists in the reuse of raw materials, the upcycling raises the reuse and conversion in products of greater utility and value than the original. Examples of this process would be avant-garde art (Duchamp, tapies, ARCO) or the well-known Youtube tutorials that teach us how to manufacture useful as a lamp with old CDs. Marina will teach us how to take advantage of hemp fibers to turn it into new objects and give us ideas to make in our house.

Cannabis and parenting: raising and educating with and from CANNABIS
Taught by: ANNA Obradors (REMA)

This workshop aims to open a space of reflection for parents and mothers linked to cannabis, where they can share experiences and reflections on this issue. The objective is to open a collective learning space where we can extract valid elements, applicable in the particular reality of each one. Sociologist at the University of Barcelona, founder of We’Canna Consulting, founder of the state network of Anti-prohibitionist women and, in addition, Anna is also the mother of a 5 year old girl, so she lives daily many of the situations that will be presented in this Workshop.

Taught by: MiniVap

The company MiniVap brings us this workshop with the aim of explaining the basic principles of vaporization, explaining clearly how is a vaporizer using their products, the use and proper maintenance of the vaporizer, the clear advantages of vaporization compared to the combustion and several basic aspects about the dosage and how the vaporizer affects the plant. If you still have doubts about the use of a vaporizer or you already have some of their products, do not miss the opportunity to attend this workshop where you will find clear answers by professionals in this field.

Taught by: Raúl Tomás (Manager Leaf Life Barcelona, ​​Cultivation technician of B.A.C.)

Raúl has been teaching cultivation for more than 8 years, conducting seminars around the world, conducting workshops throughout Spain, Chile, Italy and soon Greece. Workshop on the best way to nourish our plants, B.A.C. provides products that solve various problems, innovates by offering unique products in the market to offer a wide range of cultivation solutions that suit any grower. The importance of climate control to get the best results both indoors and in greenhouses, temperature and humidity next to light makes it possible to recreate an indoor crop as if we did it outdoors and even improve the results by having control absolute of the most important factors that intervene in it.

Taught by: Elena Pérez (Commercial Director AutoPot Spain)

Encompassed under hydroponic systems, based on flood irrigation and capillarity, AutoPot is not strictly so, when used with substrate, or not require electricity, pumps, or timers, even being automatic. Of this and other peculiarities will talk, how to use them in organic or mineral, advantages and disadvantages, comparative with other methods of irrigation to use, etc, etc. Listeners will also be encouraged to raise questions they have about these innovative systems that give control over irrigation to each plant individually.